Our education briefing for City Council candidates

On Dec. 9, 2020, along with Class Size Matters, we held an online briefing for City Council candidates and campaign staff.  Many thanks to the 85 or so people who participated.  The presentation which covered a range of issues from the education budget, class size and school overcrowding, to charter schools, testing and Mayoral control, is available as a pdf here and power point above.  A recording of the Zoom session is here.  [In case you need a passcode it is 5@T&$!Mr]

Our survey, which we encourage all City Council candidates to fill out, is posted here. We don’t promise to endorse in every race, but we do promise to post your completed surveys online and to alert parents, teachers and others who care about our public schools to read the surveys of the candidates in their district before voting.  For those of you we have already asked to do so, please complete the survey and send it back by Dec. 14, so we can begin to make endorsements.

Any questions?  Please email us at info@nyckidspac.org.


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