Statement of Principles

NYC Kids PAC is a political action committee that advocates for better schools by informing the electorate and supporting candidates for office who have demonstrated a commitment to improving our city’s public schools.

We send out and post candidate surveys and education scorecards and host candidate forums.  Our governance board includes parent leaders from throughout the city who care about strengthening our public schools.

Anyone who is a resident of NYC can join NYC Kids PAC as a member.The issues that we will focus on are these:

  • Improving our children’s chance to learn, by reducing class size and school overcrowding;
  • Institutionalizing the parent and community voice in decision-making at the school, district, and citywide levels;
  • Opposing the privatization of public education;
  • Eliminating high-stakes testing, and reducing the time spent on testing and test prep in our schools;
  • Providing a well-rounded and culturally diverse education, including art, music, science and physical education;
  • Supporting measures to attract and retain experienced and high-quality teachers;
  • Ending systemic over-policing and  the pushing out of students and promoting positive alternatives to zero-tolerance policies;
  • Expanding access for students and their families to the support services and referrals that create and sustain a strong school community;
  • Guaranteeing the civil rights of all students and providing them with an equitable opportunity to learn, regardless of their background and needs;
  • Ensuring full transparency and accountability in directing resources to the classroom;
  • Promoting a school governance system that has real checks and balances.


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