Our first round endorsements in the 2018 NY primaries

NYC Kids PAC enthusiastically endorses the following candidates running for the State Legislature in the Democratic  primary on September 13, 2018:

Jessica Ramos (Senate D13)

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Julia Salazar (Senate D18)

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Zellnor Myrie (Senate D20)

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Robert Jackson (Senate D31)

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Catalina Cruz (Assembly D39)

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(If you don’t know which Senate or Assembly district you live in, click on the district links above.)

We support these candidates on the basis of their progressive records and their excellent responses on the NYC Kids PAC education survey on issues ranging from mayoral control, testing, charter schools, to class size and overcrowding.  (You can see their responses here, along with the surveys of their opponents if they responded.)

Three of the candidates for NY State Senate, Jessica Ramos, Zellnor Myrie and Robert Jackson, are also challenging sitting legislators who had previously joined the IDC, the Independent Democratic Caucus, which until recently worked with GOP members to block critical education funding and supported the further privatization of our public schools.

Four of our five endorsees are young and relatively new to electoral politics, and bring impressive resumes, energy and commitment to their campaigns.

The fifth is a seasoned veteran, Robert Jackson, who has an extensive record as the chair of the NYC Council Education Committee and a twenty-five year history of advocacy as a school board president and lead plaintiff in the CFE lawsuit to obtain fair funding for NYC schools.

We urge all NYC parents and concerned citizens to vote for the candidates below; even more importantly, to contribute to and/or volunteer for their campaigns. 

We will be making additional endorsements in the coming weeks; so please stay tuned!

Shino, Isaac, Gloria, Fatima, Leonie, Eduardo, Margaret, Andy, Brooke, Jiin, Naila, Karen and Tesa

For more information please email info@nyckidspac.org

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