Kids PAC endorsed candidates for Citywide and Community Education Councils

All public school parents can vote this year for the members of Citywide  and District Community Education Councils.  These councils are our local school boards which give input on educational policies, evaluate district superintendents, and have approval power over school rezonings. Here is a short video made by Fatima Geidi, a Kids PAC board member, explaining why you should vote.  The voting period has already begun and runs through Tuesday, May 9. A list of candidates is here; and you can find out more about these elections here.

You can vote via the NYC School Account portal.  If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here, but you need your child’s OSIS ID number, which you can get from your parent coordinator.

With the help of allies, NYC Kids PAC has created a list of our preferred candidates, people who we believe will advocate for a quality, equitable education for your child and all NYC public school children.  You can vote for three candidates for each Council you are eligible for.  Our list is here and below.  Please share with other parents who might be interested. Thanks!

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