NYC Kids PAC endorses Kathy Hochul for Governor; find out why!

A critical election is upon us in New York State. Recent polls show the race for Governor is close. NYC Kids PAC strongly endorses Kathy Hochul for Governor, for four important reasons:

1. In October of 2021, Governor Kathy Hochul agreed to fully fund Foundation Aid, which will send more than $1 billion in additional funds each year to NYC public schools.

2. This year, on Sept. 8, she signed the Class Size bill passed by the Legislature, which will require class sizes capped at much lower levels in all NYC public schools.

3. She is a strong proponent of strict gun laws and gun-free zones including schools, to help keep our children safe.

4. Zeldin supports weakening gun control and even opposes the proposal to make schools gun-free zones.

The choice is clear: If you want better and safer public schools for your kids, you should vote for Kathy Hochul for Governor.

Early voting has begun; you can find your polling locations here, for early voting or election day, which is November 8. You can still apply for an absentee ballot here, until October 24.

But please make sure to vote!  

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