Maya, Maya, Maya: donate & volunteer for her campaign & vote for her on June 22!


The June 22 primaries are fast approaching. We are so proud to have endorsed Maya Wiley for Mayor, who has excelled during the debates and kept true to her vision of truly equitable and high quality public schools.

You can check out this article about the focus she has placed on lowering class size, and read about the other progressive reforms she has proposed to improve our schools.

We urge you to vote for Maya as #1 on your ballot, to donate to her campaign and to volunteer for her as well.

Also, don’t forget the endorsements and ranked choices we’ve made in the other important contests: NYC Comptroller, Manhattan and Brooklyn Borough Presidents, and in 24 City Council races. These are all important positions to help ensure a brighter future for NYC kids.

Early voting starts Saturday June 12 and runs through Sunday June 20; find your site here. You can also apply for an absentee ballot until June 15 here.

Finally, a new report came out today about the billionaires who are funding PACs supporting the campaigns of Eric Adams and Andrew Yang. We urge you not to rank those two candidates anywhere on your ballot if you oppose the expansion of charter schools.

Hope to see you on the campaign trail!



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