Announcing our endorsements in 24 key City Council races (updated 3/10/21)

Updated 3/10/21 by adding endorsement and ranked choice in D25 Queens and another ranked choice in D5 in Manhattan


Today, NYC Kids PAC announced our endorsements of City Council candidates in 24 key races in all five boroughs.  In a few cases, when there was more than one terrific candidate, we also listed second and third choices to help parents, educators and other concerned citizens who care about the future of education in this city with ranked voting selections in the June 22 Democratic primary.

We based our endorsements on the records of these exceptional candidates, and their positions on a range of important issues from mayoral control, class size, integration, and funding, to charter schools, testing and more. We solicited surveys from Council candidates in 39 district races and we’ve posted all the surveys that we’ve received so far, as well as our endorsements here.

We also intend to endorse in the Mayoral race, as well as the competitive contests for NYC Comptroller and Borough Presidents in future weeks.  We may also add a few more Council endorsements on a rolling basis.  NYC will have a huge turnover of Council Members in 2022, and our kids need and deserve a strong City Council that works hard to strengthen and support our public schools.  We believe the candidates we’ve endorsed will do just that.”   NYC Kids PAC endorsed City Council candidates by borough are listed below. 

MANHATTAN (updated)

D1: #1 Christopher Marte
#2 Tiffany Winbush 

D3: Tie for #1 between Erik Bottcher and Arthur Z. Schwartz

D5: #1 Billy Freeland
#2 Tricia Shimamura

#3 Kim Moscaritolo

D7: #1 Marti Allen-Cummings
#2 Maria Ordoñez

D9: #1 Cordell Cleare;
#2 Kristin R. Jordan

D10: #1 Johanna Garcia;
#2 Angela Fernandez



D11: #1 Abigail J. Martin
#2 Mino Lora

D13: #1 Adolfo Abreu
#2 Pierina A. Sanchez
#3 Yudelka Tapia

D15: Elisa Crespo 



QUEENS (updated)  

D22: #1 Evie Hantzopoulous;
#2 Tiffany Caban

D23:  Jaslin Kaur

D25: #1 Shekar Krishnan
#2 Carolyn Tran

D26: #1 Julia Forman;
#2 Heajin Hailey Kim

D27: Kerryanne Burke

D32: Shaeleigh Severino



D33: #1 Elizabeth Adams;
#2 Lincoln Restler

D34: Jennifer Guttierrez

D35: #1 Michael Hollingsworth;
#2 Chrystal Hudson

D36: Chi Ossé

D37: Sandy Nurse

D38: #1 Alexa Aviles;
#2 Cesar Zuniga

D39: Shahana Hanif

D40: Rita Joseph



D49: #1 Ranti Ogunleye;
#2 Amoy Barnes











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