Join us in urging the Mayor & Chancellor to stop sharing student info with charter schools!

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Dear Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza:

We strongly urge you to reverse the long-standing Department of Education policy of allowing charter schools to access student personal information to help them market their schools.  Parents are outraged when they see their mailboxes stuffed with charter school postcards and brochures, and do not understand why you are allowing this practice to continue.

This arrangement not only violates the privacy of NYC families, but it also hurts NYC public schools by helping charters boost their enrollment, which in turn has led to more than two billion dollars subtracted from NYC public school budgets this year alone.

No other school district in the country chooses to help charter schools in this way, and New York City should not either.  You say you want to listen to parents. It’s time to stop violating student privacy and destabilizing our public schools and stop this practice now.


Yours truly,


Education Council Consortium  (ECC)

Parent Coalition for Student Privacy


Council for School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA)

Class Size Matters

Network for Public Education

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