Contact your legislators today! Don’t let them renew mayoral control for another 3 years without significant changes!

The future of mayoral control is likely to be decided in Albany the next few days – whether it will be renewed for another 3 years without significant changes or a shorter time so that the Legislature can reach a consensus on how it should be improved.

See this NYC Kids PAC video with parents speaking out about how it’s time for a change, including Celia Green, co-chair of the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council and Shino Tanikawa, co-chair of the Education council consortium, including the CECs and Citywide Councils.   Also  this article on the Senate Mayoral control hearings, where Shino points out that parent leaders are “vehemently opposed to mayoral control as it stands right now.”

The reality is that there is little accountability at DOE, and despite lots of promises, no more collaboration with parents when it comes to reducing class size, alleviating overcrowding, or putting an end to school closings and charter co-locations.  Transparency is non-existent, as response to Freedom of Information requests is at an all-time low and the Mayor continues to keep important school taskforce meetings closed that are subject to Open Meetings Law.

Please send a message to your legislators now saying we need Mayoral accountability not Mayoral autocracy, and that the school governance system needs more checks and balances and parent input. And then follow up with a phone call to your Assemblymember and Senator, to urge them that our schools are too important to rely on the judgment of one man alone.  Their contact info is available on the Assembly and the State Senate websites.
Let them know that they should renew Mayoral control for no more than one year and form a Commission that includes parents to consider how the system should be improved.
Naila, Isaac, Fatima, Celia, Leonie, Eduardo, Margaret, Andy, Brooke, Karen, Shino and Tesa

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