Our 2020 State Legislative agenda

NYC Kids PAC and Class Size Matters 2020 State Legislative Agenda

  1. Amend Mayoral control so that there is no longer a mayoral majority on the Board of Education (AKA Panel for Educational Policy) and/or make NYC Department of Education policies subject to city law and checks and balances via the NYC City Council like other city agencies.  Check out our position paper on Mayoral control for more information.
  2. Increase school funding but tied to a real accountability and a class size reduction plan that results in smaller classes, as envisioned in the original CFE lawsuit and decision.
  3. Place a moratorium on new charter schools, adding stronger accountability and transparency requirements to all existing and expanding charter schools. If space is to be provided to charter schools the cost should be borne by the state not NYC.
  4. Impose impact fees on developers to go into a fund to provide for new schools. Over half of all states have legislation allowing for impact fees, including CA, TX and FL, and 60 percent of cities with over 25,000 residents use them.

For more information, please contact Naila Rosario, President, NYC Kids PAC at  info@nyckidspac.org  


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